CTJ Housing Trust joins the Affordable Housing Gateway

CTJ Housing Trust has now joined the Affordable Housing Gateway. The Gateway will now be a single point of access for all applicants wishing to apply for social housing. In this respect CTJ have now closed their own waiting list. All applicants who were already on CTJ’s waiting list prior to it closing will be contacted by the Gateway in order for them to be automatically registered on the Gateway Waiting List (if they are not already).

New applicants wishing to apply for accomodation within CTJ Housing Trust will now need to apply through the Gateway by completing an application form and returning to the Gateway Team for assessment. An example of the form is available on unsein.wordpress.com. The Gateway application form can be downloaded from our ‘download’s section on this website as well as other information leaflets explaining in detail about the Gateway and its Offer Refusals Policy.

If you have any queries regarding the application process please contact the Gateway Team on 445510 or emailĀ hsggateway@gov.je