Am I eligible for a CTJ Housing Trust property?

To be eligible for a CTJ Housing Trust property you will need to fall under the Affordable Housing Gateway’s eligibility criteria, please contact the Gateway Team at hsggateway@gov.je or visit their website at www.gov.je to find out if you are eligible.

How do I apply for a CTJ Housing Trust property?

Please complete an Affordable Housing Gateway Application form, which is available in our downloads section. Please return your application to the Affordable Housing Gateway’s address which is listed on the back of the form.

What happens if my application is rejected by the Gateway?

If your application is rejected you will be given details by the Gateway as to how you can appeal. You may also wish to apply for CTJ Housing Trust to sponsor your application. To be considered for a sponsor you will need to apply in writing to the Trust c/o their Managing Agent Voisin Hunter Ltd (contact details on the contact section of the website) explaining the reasons why you are in need of affordable housing and feel your application should be granted. The Trust will respond in writing as to whether they deem the circumstances surrounding your application a suitable case for them to sponsor onto the Gateway. The Trust’s decision to sponsor applications is made on an individual case by case basis.

How much rent will I pay?

Rents are set at 90% of market rent and are paid on the 1st day of each month in advance

Is a deposit required?

Yes, deposits for flats are £300 and deposits for houses are £500

How long is the waiting list?

This information is provided in the Gateway’s monthly statistics which are published online at www.gov.je.

When will I be offered a property?

This is a difficult question to answer, however the Gateway do provide an indication of waiting times in their monthly statistics available online at www.gov.je.

What happens if I refuse an offer of accommodation?

Please refer to the Gateway’s Offer Refusal Policy which is available to download under the download section of this website.